How Many Games Are in a Bingo Session?

Bingo is a thrilling game of chance that gets players at the edge of their seats waiting for another number, hoping to land a “Bingo!”. But have you ever thought about how many games are in a bingo session?

Depending on the win type that the caller decides, there can be about 12 to 15 games in one hour. Most bingo sessions at local halls last for at least three hours. You can get as little as 36 games into an entire session.

How Many Games Are in a Bingo Session

If you are playing bingo online, games can go much quicker because of digital conveniences. The number of games you play will depend on what type of bingo event you sign up for on the online platform.

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Factors That Decide the Number of Games in One Session

Many factors decide the number of games that happen in one bingo session. Every electronic bingo room is different.

Bingo rooms where players only have one ticket could mean a longer game. When players have two or more tickets, games will run more quickly. Most online bingo platforms have rooms where players have two, four, six, or eight tickets. Of course, electronic bingo rooms where players have eight tickets will finish exponentially faster than other games where players only have two at once.

Other factors that decide how many games are in one online bingo session include:

  • The price for entering the bingo room.
  • The prize payout for the bingo session.
  • The designated number of games that the room states will occur.
  • If there are any specific in-game promotions.


How To Play UK Bingo

After getting an answer to the question “how many games are in a bingo session?” let’s understand better how bingo is played. The most common bingo game in the UK is the 90 ball bingo. This game is played with 90 balls, and a caller will inform players of the number pulled from the spinning spherical basket. In the case of online bingo, the numbers will automatically pop up on your screen. Each number is called one-by-one until a person is declared the winner based on the format being played.

You can win 90 ball bingo in one of many ways. However, you must note what the game room states and how you should win that specific round.

One-line bingo means you can win by filling up one row of one of your tickets. Once somebody wins one-line bingo, the caller may decide to move on to a two-line bingo format without clearing the board to heighten the winning stakes.

The online bingo room may also decide that players can win by filling four corners of a ticket or via the full house. That means that you fill up an entire ticket with bingo markers.


How Is a Bingo Card Set Up?

There are nine columns and three rows on a ticket. The nine columns contain random numbers from a designated range such as one to nine in the first column and the second column contains a random selection of numbers from 10 to 19.

The third column can be anywhere between 20 to 29 while the fourth column could be one of the numbers ranging from 30 to 39. The fifth column contains any number from 40 to 49 and the sixth column ranges from 50 to 59. Column seven contains random numbers between 60 to 69 and the eighth column has numbers from 70 to 79. Finally, in the ninth column, you will see any numbers from 80 to 90 featured.


How Many Rounds Are in Each Game?

There are three rounds in British bingo. One way to order the rounds is the first one being corners, then two-line bingo, and lastly, a full house. Alternatively, the order may go from one-line bingo to two-line bingo to a final full-house round.


Other Popular Bingo Games

Besides the most popular 90 ball bingo, there are other formats available at physical and online bingo halls. You have the 75 ball bingo, the 80 ball bingo, the 30 ball bingo, the 50 ball bingo, the 52 ball bingo and the 5 line bingo. The cards are a bit different in each variety and the winning method as well. In some of these varieties, you will have to complete a certain pattern to win the game. The pattern is shown at the beginning of the game.


Why Are Bingo Games So Fast?

If players can get at least 12 games done in one hour, that means that a game finishes within an average of five minutes. How is this so?

Well, bingo is a highly popular game that many people love because of its thrilling chance of winning at the moment based on where the number falls. With more players in an online bingo game room, this means there is a higher chance of someone winning more quickly.

Rather than having a caller like an in-person game, the numbers are displayed automatically on the screen, which makes it easier to tick off the number as you see it. The digital conveniences of online bingo cause the games to last five minutes or less.

Of course, game time would depend on the randomised cards dealt to the players and how many cards each player owns. The game duration depends if everyone pays attention to the new numbers and ticks off the corresponding numbers on their tickets. All online bingo platforms are different, so try a few out to get a feel for how many games you can get into one session.


Final Thoughts

The number of games in one bingo session depends on what room you join on an online bingo platform. Every bingo room has different parameters such as entry fee, how many tickets can be played at once, and how many games will take place in one session. It’s up to you to do your research on one or more platforms to discover the different available gaming rooms.

What is your favourite part about playing online bingo? Start a conversation below by letting us know in the comments!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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