How Bingo can help you to keep your Mind Active

It is a well-known fact: games and sports keep you in good physical shape. While the benefits of regular physical exercise and interaction are well-documented, however, the impact of psychological games are less revered. This is finally starting to change, however, as handheld devices such as the Nintendo DS have popularised brain training games and titles that optimise mental sharpness. The same principle can also be applied to mobile apps, as a growing number are being designed to hone mental skills and create more agile minds.

Bingo as a Mentally Taxing Sport
Bingo offers another interesting, if slightly surprising, example, as it is proven to keep your mental facilities in shape over a sustained period of gameplay. This is good news in 2015, especially with a growing number of younger playing demographics now active in bingo halls throughout the UK and online on sites like 888 bingo as well. It perhaps as most relevance for older players, however, who may be concerned with maintaining their mental sharpness as they grow older.

Fortunately, tests have shown that bingo players were faster and more accurate than non-participants across a range of numerical challenges, including number identification and general arithmetic. In addition to appraising numerical ability, these carefully designed studies also measured the speed of responses, memory capacity and off course the capability to pick-up information from the environment that encompassed subjects.

The Future for Bingo as a Strong Mental Aid
A grand total of 3 million people now play bingo in the UK, while it remains one of the most popular games among older participants in its traditional form. With online variants now capturing the attention of younger players, bingo is finally earning the credibility that it deserves. It is also earning repute and merit as a learning exercise, meaning that many now play for its innate mental health benefits in addition to its fun and alluring nature.

While this may come as a surprise to some,  it stands to reason that playing on bingo sites should benefit players and their level of mental aptitude. After all, the mechanics of the game require players to deploy strong hand-eye coordination skills and numerical ability, as they learn to identify numbers quickly and mark them off on their game cards. Now that individuals are beginning to appreciate this, we can expect even more players to take up the game and enjoy it numerous (and not to mention diverse) benefits.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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