Back to Basics: Heralding the New Bingo Hall in Southampton


While the bingo and casino industries are separate and independent entities, they have traversed a similar course in recent times. Just as online casinos have begun to dominate to the market and triggered a spirited response from bricks and mortar establishments, so too virtual bingo sites have prospered and challenged local halls throughout the UK. This trend will continue in both markets over the course of the next 18 months or so, as two diametrically opposed mediums compete for a larger market share.

A look at the New, Purpose-built Bingo hall in Southampton

This is extremely beneficial for players, who can take their pick from a wider range of viable platforms and tailor their gaming experience accordingly. It is therefore interesting to note that bricks and mortar bingo will herald a modern-day landmark in January next year, when a new, purpose-built venue will open in Antelope Park, Southampton. This will be the first purpose-built bingo hall to be constructed in nine years, while it will also provide a viable gaming location for both traditional players and brand new demographics.

A temporary membership centre was established in August, when enthusiastic players were afforded a unique opportunity to register with the club. These individuals will be given priority membership when the clubs doors finally open in the New Year, meaning that they can access the best discounts, promotions and financial incentives. Once inside, they will be able to access a dedicated bingo hall, which has been deliberately detailed to replicate the traditional venues that once dominated the landscape in Northern England.

Beyond the Structure: What does the new venue mean for the UK?

The construction of a dedicated and traditional bingo hall is great news for the industry, as it underlines an investment to modernise the game and provide a viable accompaniment for online gameplay. It is also expected to create up to 50 new jobs in the region, while also generating additional income and driving improved economic growth.


Above all else, however, it has the potential to popularise traditional bingo and gameplay among a younger and more energised generation of online players. This type of diversity is crucial to the industry, especially one that has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. The likes of Rock and Roll Bingo have already partially bridged the gap between the generations and help to create a more prosperous and appealing marketplace, and more bingo halls around the UK will only continue that.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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