Bond Star Daniel Craig Crowned As “Most Shirtless” Actor Ever!

James Bond star Daniel Craig nabs the crown as the most shirtless actor

The team here at found that James Bond star Daniel Craig ranks the highest in terms of actors who have appeared topless for the most screen time in Hollywood movies.

The study, entitled ‘Nudity in Film’, has been broken down into various segments, with ‘Shirtless Scenes’ revealing Craig as the number one.

Craig, who has hit the headlines again for his latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die — his final film starring as 007, ranked above the likes of fellow Hollywood heavyweights, Sylvester Stallone and Matthew McConaughey.

Craig, who turned 53 in March, has appeared topless for at least 1,278 seconds, which converts to 21 minutes and 18 seconds of screen time.

His various Bond movies all include scenes where the actor has appeared without a shirt, which have almost become a trademark of the actor in the 007 franchise, while other notable films include ‘Layer Cake’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.

Our Co-Founder Thomas Jones revealed in a statement today: “There has always been somewhat of a draw to James Bond, especially by gambling fans, with this often playing a significant role in 007 storylines

Our team of data analysts were shocked to find out when conducting the study that the sexy Bond actor Daniel Craig was so keen to get his kit off in front of the cameras and was actually ranked number one above the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron & even Channing Tatum

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