Who are the Celebrities who Moonlight as Bingo Callers?

While we all know that stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoy a good game of bingo, did you know that there are others who actually started their careers in this increasingly lucrative and constantly diversifying market? In fact, a number of actors, singers and performers first trod the boards in the offline bingo market, while many have since partnered with online brands in a promotional capacity or as ambassadors.

With this in mind, the team at Bingosites.net has done some research to reveal three famous celebrities either started their careers in the industry or still moonlight as bingo callers: –

Antony Cotton


Given his flamboyance and outgoing nature, it may not surprise you that Coronation Street star Antony Cotton travels the UK as a bingo caller. He is paid handsomely for his troubles too, as the £160,000 actor (who plays Sean Tully in the show) is in high demand in halls nationwide. Having once called bingo in a 2005 episode of the show, Antony developed a passion for the game and now loves nothing more than drawing numbers in front of audiences in excess of 500 players.

Shane Ritchie


Another revelation that may not surprise some, EastEnders actor and star of the stage Shane Richie is also synonymous with the game of bingo. While he may not travel the UK exclusively for the love of the game, he started his career at his local bingo hall before he became a classic bluecoat at Pontins. The trajectory of his career has been on an upward path since that day, and while Shane may be best known for his role as Queen Vic landlord Alfie Moon he owes it all to the game of bingo.

Russell Crowe

russell crowe

And now, as Monty Python would say, for something completely different. While the surly and tempestuous Australian actor is hardly reflective of bingo’s fun and light-hearted nature, Russell Crowe actually claims that his very first job was as a bingo caller. Having since made his name as a Hollywood superstar with credits such as Gladiator and LA Confidential, this small stepping stone proved to be the foundation of a long and successful career. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was sacked from the role of bingo caller for being rude on the job and calling out unsavoury rhymes!

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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