The Best Bingo Apps on the iOS Platform

There is no doubt about it, the game of bingo has made an incredible transition into the virtual realm in the last five years. It is now arguable that the vast array of websites and online variations have now superseded the traditional platform, forcing many older players to make the transition from their local bingo hall to their smartphone or desktop. Mobile bingo is particularly popular in 2015, and as such there are a number of innovative, real-time apps that enable players to enjoy their favourite games at any given time. Apple’s much vaunted iOS platform remains the best resource for bingo apps, so here are three of our favourite examples:

The Mecca Bingo App
As verified by significant use and testing, the Mecca iPhone bingo app has scored as one of the best on the market. Not only does it offer a huge range of games and modern variations on classic gaming patterns, but it also delivers an impressive performance that is hard to ignore. The pace of gameplay on this application is also extremely authentic, which helps to replicate a traditional bingo hall and the speed at which numbers are called. This also makes it ideal for players who look to access games intermittently while on the move, so we recommend this strongly for the daily work commute!


The William Hill Bingo App
William Hill may be renowned as one of the UK’s most popular and iconic high street bookmakers, but it has made an outstanding transition into the world of virtual gaming. Its bingo app represents the jewel in the William Hill crown, with a wide and diverse array of games alongside a quick turnaround time that optimises your opportunity to generate income. Another unique selling point of this game is that it includes a vibrate feature and heartbeat sound when players record a win, while you will also have access to a free game every day as a loyal customer.

The Gala Bingo App
Despite being a specialist bingo chain, the Gala Bingo app is a relatively new addition to the online marketplace. Its arrival embodies the classic saying ‘better late than never’, however, with its aesthetically pleasing design and outstanding gameplay features. It is also known for its range of popular, speed bingo variations, including the ‘Deal or no Deal’ format that replicates the classic television show. With so many quick and fast-paced variations on offer, players have a unique opportunity to make as much money as possible within a short space of time.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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