Jackpot Giant Slot
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£10 Bonus

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The Jackpot Giant Slot – Review

While there are multiple developers that design and publish slot game titles on a regular basis, Playtech remains the seminal operator in this marketplace. Take the increasingly popular Jackpot Giant, for example, which sees a large giant flick coins into the volcanoes in order to trigger rewards and prizes.

A five reel, 50 pay-line slot, the Jackpot Giant game offers two unique and lucrative bonus features while it is also accessible for just £0.50 per spin. There is also a life-changing jackpot total hidden within the hidden recesses of the base game, so this is certainly one for high-rollers with a desire to win big!


Exploring the Game: Its popularity and Narrative

Available through Paddy Power Casino and similar online brands, the Jackpot Giant slot game boasts a rapidly growing cult following of players. Much of this is to do with the fact that it is available on both mobile and desktop devices, while the presence of a potentially life-changing jackpot when you achieve five wild symbols is also appealing to players across all demographics. All-in-all, these factors combine to create a compelling case for players!

The game itself transports you back to the stone age, with a simple but effective focus on claiming cash prizes as they flow from erupting volcanoes. The game (and its loyal players) also benefits from a host of stacked symbols, which drive higher returns and huge bonus rounds. You will see two variations of these symbols during gameplay, which appear the giant himself behind a landscape populated with trees and volcanoes. These symbols occupy two vertical reel positions and trigger potentially huge wins.

Our final Verdict

You should also look out for the relevant bonus symbols, including the one that is represented by a volcano with the word ‘bonus’ strewn across it. These only appear on reels one and five, although if they appear simultaneously during the base game that will trigger a so-called Giant Bonus Feature. On average, these can deliver up to 50 times your stakes in terms of winnings!

Ultimately, however, these features are all background noise in comparison with the Giant Jackpot feature that drives the game. This is triggered by a five-of-a-kind combination in conjunction with the wild symbol, and the progressive jackpot should offer more than enough reason by itself to play the game. Overall, it can trigger a return that is ultimately 50,000 times your initial stake!