Online Bingo Venues Join Bingo Halls in Supporting the Boost Bingo Campaign

You might think that online bingo promoters would be thrilled about the decline of offline bingo, but, a site that caters to online bingo aficionados by providing news and information about internet bingo, proves that the opposite is true. The company is working on a new project that will provide Australians with access to an all-in-one directory of live, offline bingo venues.

The Boost Bingo Campaign

Sadly, offline bingo is facing tough times, mostly due to a tax hike many are labeling as unfair. While other gambling venues must pay an already hefty 15 percent in taxes on profits, bingo halls are forced to pay 20 percent in taxes on profit. These establishments serve communities by providing a valuable social venue, particularly for people who are not computer-savvy or who prefer to socialize in person rather than online; they also employ thousands of people who rely on their earnings to care for their families.

The Boost Bingo Campaign was formed as a way for everyone with an interest in bingo to come together and petition the Government to bring bingo hall taxes down to a sustainable level and make offline bingo viable once again, improving the game of bingo for the many who enjoy it. has made the decision to stand in solidarity with the Boost Bingo campaign.

Promoting Offline Bingo

In an effort to promote offline bingo, is beginning an unprecedented new project. Not only is the company creating a comprehensive directory of all of Australia’s bingo halls, they are augmenting that directory with a complete list of bingo schedules, bingo hall reviews, and other valuable information players can use to locate and support the live bingo venues in their areas. Listings for bingo halls in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and other parts of the land down under will be readily available, easy to navigate, and most important, updated with current information.

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