How to Identify and Avoid Bad Bingo Sites

Despite living in a digital and technologically advanced age, there remain a select few people who are wary of online casino, bingo and gaming websites. This is mainly due to a large and cavernous knowledge gap, which means that some aspiring gamers make decisions based on misconceptions rather than accurate information. Quite aside from preventing players from embracing online gameplay, this also makes it impossible to distinguish progressive, modern sites from rogue operators.

How to Distinguish between Viable and Rogue Bingo Websites

With this in mind, here are three simple distinctions that exist between progressive bingo websites and rogue alternatives…

Look for 128-bit Encryption across all Bingo Websites


When online gaming first emerged in the mid-nineties, the majority of sites were protected by just 40-bit encryption. This would make financial details and transactions vulnerable to hackers, which is why modern websites are far more secure in the modern age. Any reputable bingo website – like Robin Hood Bingo as shown in the image above – should be safeguarded by 128-bit encryption in 2015, while rogue operators will continue to maintain a poorly secured site that can be easily hacked in a bid to access sensitive consumer data and details.

Make sure that your site is Licensed and Certified

On a similar note, rogue sites can also be identified through a lack of official licensing. Each British jurisdiction has its own regulating body or authority, from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission to UK Gambling Commission. These groups will issue licenses to casino and bingo websites, which should in turn be published publically for players to see.

These sites are also afforded certification from eCOGRA, which is a group developed to regulate all gaming outlets in the UK. Rogue websites will have no such accreditation, however, with many using invalid licenses from Costa Rica or similar Central American countries (none of which have the authority to regulate international gaming practices).

Identify a Lack of Transparent Payment Terms


Even rogue bingo websites will showcase their payment terms, but bear in mind that these entities are only interesting in generating income from any possible means. This means that many will post unclear or aggressive payment terms, while looking to deceive players through a lack of transparency. This is why it remains crucial to review the payment terms listed on any site before depositing funds, as this will enable you to make an informed decision regarding pay-outs, promotions and withdrawals. Above all else, the terms and terminology applied will expose rogue sites for exactly what they are.

Your best bet of course would be to check out our favourite bingo sites, where we have complete guides to each and every one. Happy Gaming!

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