aim is to review and rate only the very best bingo sites out there in internet land today.  In order to do this we take a comprehensive look at the software that is used to power the online games, the different ways that players can deposit and withdraw cash, which currencies are accepted, and which games are on offer as we only want you to experience the best online games available.

Within our extensive reviews you will be able to see the current bonus and promotional offers from each operator (these can and do vary.)  We are continually checking out new offers and as soon as they appear our aim is to bring them to you, so that you can take advantage of only the very best welcome, re-load, no-deposit and free bingo games (besides some stunning specials) online today.

You will find that our reviews are un-biased as we operate independently from any of the sites we assess which means that if a site falls below par and does not offer what it states, we shall report back to you, so you can stay well away until they buck their ideas up, after all there are some really great places to play that offer spectacular prizes, great tournaments alongside an array of side and instant games to enjoy, so why settle for anything less than the best?  It just doesn’t make sense!

Besides reviewing the newest operators out there, like sing bingo,we shall also be taking a close look at some of the largest operations such as Sky bingo, William hill and Costa bingo finding out why operations such as these are so successful.  Is big really better?

Our questions will be pertinent and the categories’ we shall rate are those we think are of the most important when creating only the best site, and of course the questions we ask shall be relevant to those who may play there.  For instance only the top online games offer superb chat features with CM’s available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Customer support should be widely available about the clock and any website that does not offer a superb Customer Support Team to their players is not really worth your time.

Whilst you are browsing our pages you will be able to see how we have rated each of the websites we have reviewed and hopefully then you will be able to make an informative choice about which is the place to play for you, the perfect site that suits your own individual requirements.

That is our commitment to you, to bring only the best, in order for you to enjoy the fabulous game which is online bingo.